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We must love the Company to serve it with professionalism, relevance, and enthusiasm.

To do so, it’s essential to understand and listen to both the sender and the receiver of the messages that the event will convey.


Our clients are companies known and recognized for the excellence of their products or services.

It’s imperative that we strive for perfect execution, because it’s as important for their image as it is for the reception of their messages.


The creative process can only begin once we understand the specificities of the Company and its audience(s).

This understanding avoids irrelevancies and unnecessary questioning, and opens the door to bold creation.


Too much screen time and distance are seriously detrimental to the collective spirit! And, as a company is a “team sport”, one of the primary roles of corporate event planning is to allow participants to see each other, interact, and laugh together.

Sharing moments are, for us, an integral part of the DNA of a successful event.


In a country that lacks a business culture and where work is a value often under attack, it’s essential to re-energize and amplify the sense of belonging to a whole that’s greater than oneself. Which means a bit of showmanship and a bit of the extraordinary.


Society is sufficiently anxiety-provoking, with a poorly controlled sense of urgency, that we don’t want to add unnecessary stress with overly dense events.

A company that allows time for meetings and sharing during its events sends a strong signal of calmness and control.


The value of an event agency lies solely in its teams, who are expected to be creative but also, and especially, rigorously thorough!

Qualities that are as necessary for successful events as they are rare, to which we must add a sense of anticipation, feeling, composure, a fair amount of self-sacrifice and an enormous amount of passion (for a job well done and for our customers).

In short, with the teams we have at La Franco European Image, we are a humanely rich agency you can rely on!


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